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Although PCs are mechanically built to last a decade, it is highly common for a system to slow down over the years. For any number of reasons, computers can start to drag well below optimal performance levels and it can become extremely frustrating as you watch your machine lose its youthful zip.

If you’re dealing with a slow computer, the solution might be as easy as a PC tune up by iTOK. In fact, iTOK has been repairing slow computers since 2004 and has an arsenal of solutions for your sluggish machine.

The most common problem with any slow computer is in the form of a virus. Whether it’s a Trojan Horse, a worm, Malware or Spyware, these common pests can bombard your system with a load of debilitating codes that can render your machine useless.

If you believe your PC is the victim of a virus, let iTOK and their virus removal team take a look at it. By identifying the problem and enlisting the help of their renowned virus removal techniques, iTOK can have your PC cured and back to optimal speeds right away.

If your computer has slowed down dramatically, but you don’t believe it’s the harmful work of a virus, it may be due to:

  • Inadequate RAM and Processor Speeds: If you don’t have enough RAM for your needs, or are dealing with a low-grade processor, iTOK can help you figure out what is appropriate for you and help you to get it installed.
  • Unhealthy Computer Practices: Whether you’re running too many programs at once, have hardware damage or are simply refusing to keep your computer free from dust, iTOK can identify your problem and teach you healthier maintenance habits.
  • Fragmentation Issues: If your computer is slow because of an overly fragmented hard drive, iTOK can help you get it defragmented and running smoothly once again.

If it’s a virus or some other issue that is slowing you down, iTOK has a number of effective services that will give you a PC tune up and have your slow computer functioning at top speeds before you know it.


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