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Our Services

iTOK offers tech support for every part of your digital life. We can fix and optimize anything that connects to your computer or the Internet. No matter whether it’s a tablet or a smartphone, a Mac or a PC, a printer or a router, iTOK knows just how to get your devices back in top shape.

All iTOK services are delivered through secure remote access, while the technician stays on the phone with you and explains each action they take. Remote access lets us into your computer but leaves you in complete control. We won’t add or remove anything without your approval, and you can watch every step we take on your screen.

iTOK offers the following services:

  • Diagnosis & Repair: We’ll scan your computer for the problem, locate the source(s), then remove and repair.
  • Setup & Installation: If you need a particular program installed on your computer, we can walk you through the process or install it for you. We can also help you connect a printer or other peripheral device to your computer.
  • Servers & Networking: Our techs can set up a network so all your devices can talk to each other and connect to the Internet.

Our members also receive preventative care:

  • 90-Day Tune-up: Once every 90 days, our techs will clean up and defragment your hard drive, removing any hidden malware and unnecessary files that are slowing your computer down.
  • Updates: We’ll make sure all your software is running the latest versions, improving your computer’s overall performance.
  • Virus Protection and Removal: Your membership includes industry-leading protection and removal of dangerous computer viruses, powered by Trend Micro.
  • Backup Services: We can create secure, off-site copies of all your important data to protect against loss. Powered by Mozy.

All services come with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and we welcome your questions and comments. Call us anytime to be connected with a friendly, professional tech specialist. We look forward to hearing from you!