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Who We Are

Who is iTOK?

Thank you for visiting iTOK. Over 200 employees strong, we are a remote technology support service founded in 2004 to provide premium customer support for today’s wired home. Our friendly Technology Advisors offer superior care to anyone who is struggling to master the ever-growing number of complex devices in the world today. Our aim is not just to fix your technology headaches–though we do that extremely well–but give you the confidence to use it on your own.

iTOK is a US-based company staffed by native English speakers who are trained to be versatile technology experts. When you call us, you can be certain you’ll never be transferred to another country or have to worry that whoever you speak with won’t understand you. You’ll spend less time explaining your problems and more time watching those problems be repaired right before your eyes.

How can iTOK help you today? No problem is too large or too small for our friendly team of Technology Advisors. We respond promptly to your call, connect remotely to your computer, and stay connected with you until the problem is solved. No scripts, no time limits. We’re here to improve lives with meaningful customer service and expert technology care!

Free Question & Answer Session
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iTOK can help you with:

  • Computer Repair
  • Logging into your E-mail
  • Optimization for Slow Computers
  • Set-up and Installation
  • Networking and Internet
  • Malware and Virus Protection
  • Data Back-up and Security
  • Identity and Privacy Protection
  • and much more!

We charge flat rates based on the severity of the problem, not by the length of time spent on the phone, so the only incentive our team has is to provide you with the best service possible.

What Technology Does iTOK Support?

Mac or PC, desktop or laptop, Samsung or iPhone–it doesn’t matter! As long as your troublesome technology connects to the Internet or a computer, iTOK can fix it for you with our innovative remote technology support. We fix computers, smartphones, tablets, routers, printers, gaming consoles, and more. Each day, our Technology Advisors repair broken programs, remove viruses, and do whatever it takes to help you get back to enjoying technology with ease.

Proactive Care and Preventative Maintenance

iTOK wants to be more than just your source for one-time computer fixes–we want to provide the best home tech support experience possible. Our membership services give you access to our full range of maintenance services: regular computer tune-ups and optimization, industry-leading malware protection, secure online backup, and instant access to our technicians. Check out our memberships today!